February 4th, 2016

Ah my boy, I see that you are downtrodden and faint of face.
Let me try to guess the matter:
You are lonely and filled with anger;
Not only that, but your mind races with anxious thoughts
Which bring you to the top of high places but only in your head is this happening.
After the rise you fall rather quick and to the pit you sit in a dwarf state questioning
Your existence, contemplating the reason behind Creation, and plotting ways in which death is
Exhilarating and liberating –
It is no accident that you are strong with drink but only in secret I can see
Haha, my boy, you are not the first!

You imagine a world free of injustice and inequality and at the same time you realize your effort is futile, trust me, I have felt the same.

My boy, listen here! You are not alone!
For many men have come before you and have been wrought by the evil nature of man and his obsession with control.
We are all selfish in our ways and many will hastily deny this truth
But it is fair, it is fair. After all who wants to depict themselves as a tyrant?

I say this:

It is right for you to want a woman.
It is right for you to need intimacy.
It is right for you to want power.
It is right for you to need money.
It is right for you to want acclaim.
It is right for you to need privacy

But remember, nothing is possible without the will of others.
You are nothing without her and she is nothing without you.
They are nothing without the collective work of others.
It is you and it is they, so do not exclude yourself from the work and love of others.
Instead listen, and be quick not to speak.
For the greatest stories have yet to be revealed and you possess the ability to write them down as they come.

Be not afraid to sit alone for minutes and then hours and then days, but remember,
Your work is nothing more than words on a page and without the gaze of others you will be forgotten and I know, I know, you want to be great; You want to be remembered.
Now, let us go outside and enjoy the sun because tomorrow will bring another set of worries;
And if I see that your face is down and not looking up then you should expect a kiss from
A burly old man with many years of experience with this emotion the Quo call depression.
Get off your bottom! Go! Go now!



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