Focus, and determination.

It’s time to get focused again. Time to cut-off the filth from my life.

No more excess. No more bad food, no more wasting money on pointless material possessions.

It’s all about quality time and quality people who care about me, who actually care about me and my mind, heart and soul.

It’s time to return to the path that God has originally put in place for me. I need to prepare my mind and body to serve again.

No more porn. No more escaping with entertainment and other pointless crap.

I must spend time with my brothers, and my sister.

I must spend as much quality time with them before I go off to serve again because I fear I will not be coming back.

It’s time to get focused again.

Get off the social media, and spend time with people who are physically involved in your life. It’s time.

I must start working out five days a week, and I must start reading everyday whether it be the Bible, or history books or memoirs from soldiers.


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