I Arrive

Out, in the deep blue sea, where the waters are so dark that you can barely see two feet beneath you. My boat, my little boat is running out of gas, and I must make it back to the resupply line before the tide rises and the water turns to black and consumes my ship into the depths of the abyss.

I push the accelerator all the way forward, and I make my way to the horizon. The tide is slowly rising and behind me, I can see the water spilling onto the second deck.

I must make it.

I can see the lights just above the horizons. The overlords are high above in the sky, and the big ship carriers just below them accepting any last minute drifters.

“Come on.”

As my ship started to sink, I was pulled into the light. There were others there. Many had smiles on their face, but many also were saddened by the ones they lost. I was alone on the ship, but I made it. I made it to safety.





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