Iron sharpens iron

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Keith and Kevin Hodge, two stand-up comics from Virginia, perform at the Hollywood Improv. The show was energizing, raw and personal! These set of twins really change the way I see comedy and now understand narrative as a way to make people laugh.

Keith and Kevin began their performance with the usual fart and grunt style antics ranging from past experiences to impulses initiated from the audience.

Although prior to their arrival on the stage the audience was cautioned not to heckle the performers, man of the “DO WHATEVA DA FUK YOU WANT,” a common slogan used in their online youtube videos, was spurred in the crowd by dedicated and loyal fans.

Without divulging too much information from their own personal narrative, I will say that the highlights of their stand-up was:

1.) Childhood experiences

2.) Relationship with the mother and father

3.) Life Before #Youtube

4.) Life After #Youtube

5.) And finally, several high points in their sexual expression with females before finally setting down with now wives. Note: Both Keith and Kevin are married.




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