Living in Two Worlds.

I sit here typing while my roommate is having sex with his friend/friendwbenefits/co-worker/fling/NetNChill/whatever he wants to call her, and it’s frustrating.

I am frustrated because I am a recovering hopeless romantic.

As this man D’s down this beautiful woman, knowing that he is probably not going to commit to her let alone ask her hand in marriage, absolutely infuriates me.

As someone who prides himself on being loyal, generous and compassionate, it bothers me that manginas, feminists, and fake-macho men see this behavior as the norm. Now, I am no saint nor am I a virgin – I am far from it – but what gets me flustered is the constant complaint from both men and women in today’s society that there are no good people left, or good partners to be had.

Well let me tell you all something, if something is broke, you don’t just throw it away, you fix it, nurture it, take your time with such things as broken love, sex, and dating. I get it, people distrust the church; people despise correction and don’t like to be judge for their basic human behavior and impulses; people want to live their lives according to their own standards and by that, they choose to give in to whatever is popular, or whatever just feels right. People do not want to hear the truth because they are scared of it. Simply put, people just do not like to be told their wrong. I know this because when you correct someone’s behavior as a deficiency or something that might be considered immoral, they flinch, jump up, and even sometimes they’ll say they were “triggered.”

What the fuck!

I’m not lost. I’m found! This world is lost, confused and all kinds of broken.



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