The Words

“Every word is a world. Move in.”

As we envision the language of writing, and the ways in which words work together to bring life, we realize the power and mysticism behind such works.

When I was younger, I remember hearing the slogan “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I’m not sure when this saying came into mainstream, but I find the concept behind this slogan quite childish and immature.

The truth is words have much larger impact than just hurting someone’s feelings. Words are the page enact wars, change policies around healthcare and welfare, update the status of an individual from single to married and subsequently, change their status from married to divorce.

I love words for so many reasons beyond just writing poetry or short stories – I love them because they can bring life and health to one’s personal life.

“In the beginning was the WORD.”

Everything we know has been established by words. With this new understanding and appreciation, I value literature, I value the written word and I value it’s application.

I challenge you -who are reading this now- to think about words and their meanings and their current and past associations. How do words shape your life? How do they impact your decisions?

Read. Write. And think about it.




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