The Reason to Tube Yourself

In 2014,

My cousin and I, along with the our neighbor, now friend, started a #Youtube channel called the STUDENT HEROES EXPERIMENT. We had one camera, a boom (sound mic), and two lights, literally. My cousin wrote most of the scripts which consisted of fart jokes, awkward stares, and timely and sometimes awful punchlines. The videos are funny, and at the beginning of such things one can expect the quality to be, well, garbage – but it was all a process. Most of the skits were scripted giving us (the three shmuckateers) a voice and a forum to educate ourselves and our viewers of the painstaking risks of acting, writing and directing. Today, we call ourselves Youtubers, but in reality we like to think of ourselves as filmmakers, or better yet, auteurs as some fancy Frenchman would say as he lifts his glass of whiskey to the air and waves it about his estate.

I am an auteur.

Whatever, haha! Pompous, pretentious, son of a prophet’s goat.

However, in all seriousness, what does the filmmaking process entail? What does the craft of writing, acting, and then producing visual art, cinema, require of an individual and his partners?

Patience, time, and begrudgingly, more patience.

One person described the process of filmmaking (writing, acting, directing, and lastly, producing) as watching a canvass dry; no one wants do it but it has to get done!

So why create Youtube videos? What’s the point.

Simply put: to practice!

My voice coach once told me that “Practice makes permanence.”

That quote resonated and has stuck with me to this day, and I often use it when speaking in groups of other filmmakers.




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