The Beginning

I have arrived as an emerging writer, and with that proclamation comes the responsibility of accurately and poetically placing together my deepest thoughts into words. To engage the public is but a minor task; the real challenge is to enrich the lives of others while pushing my readers to question their conventional ideologies and as result, inspire dialogue.

The notepad and pen are still at my disposal, but the inter web links my words with the eyes of the world.

On this website, or blog, is the thoughts, opinions, and reflections of my journey from birth to my current level (age) of 26.

My desire is to increase my visibility as a person committed to prose, and open the window to constructive criticism and public discourse.

This is essentially a deeper look into my mind and if you believe in the concept of the afterlife, then this is also a vulnerable space where I choose to expose my soul.

May you have the eyes to see my story, and may you have the ears to listen to your convictions.

Be well, and peace be upon you.



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